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Problem 9: Edge-Unfolding Convex Polyhedra


Can every convex polyhedron be cut along its edges and unfolded flat to a single, nonoverlapping, simple polygon?


First stated in [She75], but in spirit at least goes back to Albrecht Dürer [Dür25].


Open. It seems to be a widespead hunch that the answer is yes.

Partial and Related Results

The answer is known to be no for nonconvex polyhedra even with triangular faces [BDE+03], but has been long open for convex polyhedra [She75], [O'R00].

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[She75], [O'R00], [MO01]


folding and unfolding; polyhedra

Entry Revision History

J. O’Rourke, 2 Aug. 2001.



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