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Problem 43: General Unfoldings of Nonconvex Polyhedra


Can every closed polyhedron be cut along its surface and unfolded into one piece in the plane without overlap? Such an unfolding is called a general unfolding to distinguish from edge-unfoldings (see Problem 9) and vertex-unfoldings (see Problem 42).


Perhaps [BDE+03].



Partial and Related Results

It is known that every convex polyhedron has a general unfolding. In fact, there are three general methods for unfolding convex polyhedra: the star unfolding [AO91], [AAOS97], the source unfolding [MMP87], and unfolding via quasigeodesics [IOV07].

On the nonconvex side, Bern et al. [BDE+03] show a general unfolding for a nonconvex simplicial polyhedron (whose faces are all triangles) that has no edge unfolding, establishing that general unfoldings are more powerful than edge unfoldings. (This was known earlier [BDD+98] but with an example using nonconvex faces.)

It is now known that all orthogonal polyhedra (those with all edges parallel to coordinate axes) have a general unfolding [DFO07], although the resulting single piece can be exponentially thin and long. See [O'R08] for a survey of progress on orthogonal polyhedra.

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[BDE+03], [DO07], Open Prob. 22.3.


folding and unfolding; polyhedra

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E. Demaine, 7 Aug. 2002; J. O’Rourke, 24 Jul 2008.



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