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Problem 6: Minimum Euclidean Matching in 2D


What is the complexity of computing a minimum-cost Euclidean matching for 2n points in the plane? The cost of a matching is the total length of the edges in the matching.


Uncertain, pending investigation.



Partial and Related Results

An algorithm that achieves the minimum and runs in nearly O(n^{2.5}) time has long been available [Vai89]. This was improved to O(n^{1.5} \log^5 n) in [Var98]. Recently Arora showed how to achieve a (1+\epsilon)-approximation in n (\log n)^{O(1/\epsilon)} time [Aro98], and this has been improved to O((n/\epsilon^3) \log^6 n) time [VA99].

A special case of considerable interest is bipartite matching, in which the points are red or blue and the matching connects points of different color. Here O(n^{2+\epsilon}) has been achieved [AES99], and a (1+\epsilon)-approximation can be found in O((n/\epsilon)^{1.5} \log^5 n) time [VA99].




shortest paths

Entry Revision History

J. O’Rourke, 2 Aug. 2001; 30 Aug. 2001; 13 Dec. 01 (thanks to M. Sharir).



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