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Problem 71: Stretch-Factor for Points in Convex Position


For points S in convex position (i.e., every point is on the hull of S), is the Delaunay triangulation of S a (\pi/2)-spanner? A geometric graph is a t-spanner (or just a spanner) if, for every pair of nodes, the shortest distance between the nodes following the edges of the graph is at most t times the Euclidean distance between them. The constant t is the stretch factor or dilation.


Prosenjit Bose [DO08].


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Partial and Related Results

Chew conjectured that the Delaunay triangulation is a t-spanner [Che89] for some constant t. Dobkin et al. [DFS90] established this for t = \pi (1+\sqrt{5})/2 \approx 5.08. The value of t was improved to 2 \pi / (3 \cos (\pi/6)) \approx 2.42 by Keil and Gutwin [KG92], and further strengthened in [BM04]. Chew showed that t is \pi/2 \approx 1.57 for points on a circle, providing a lower bound. “It is widely believed that, for every set of points in \R^2, the Delaunay triangulation is a (\pi/2)-spanner” [NS07], p. 470.

This history suggests the special case posed above.

There is a new forthcoming result: [CKX09].




spanners; Delaunay triangulations

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