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Problem 39: Distances among Point Sets in \R^2 and \R^3


For a point set P in \R^d, let f_d(P) be the number of unit-distance point pairs: f_d(P) = \left| \{ (u,v) \mid u, v \in P , \, \|u-v\| = 1 \} \right| \; ; and let f_d(n) be the maximum over all sets of n points: f_d(n) = \max_{|P| = n} f_d(P) \; . Further, let g_d(P) denote the number of distinct distances induced by a set of points P: g_d(P) = \left| \{ \|u-v\| \mid u, v \in P \} \right| \; ; and let g_d(n) be the minimum over all sets of n points: g_d(n) = \min_{|P|=n} g_d(P) \; .

Give upper and lower bounds on f_d(n) and g_d(n), particularly for d=2 and d=3.


Paul Erdős [Erd46].



Partial and Related Results

f_2(n) = O(n^{4/3})~ [Szé97], [CEG+90], [SST84], and f_2(n) = \Omega(n^{1+c/\log\log n}) [Erd46]. f_3(n) = O(n^{5/3}) and f_3(n) = \Omega(n^{4/3} \log \log n) [Erd60]. For g_2(n), the best result is that g_2(n) = \Omega(n^{6/7}) [ST01a]. Erdős conjectured that the correct answer here is n/\sqrt{\log n}; this bound is achieved on the grid.


Erdős offered $500 to settle whether f_2(n) < c n^{1+\epsilon} for some c>0 and for each \epsilon>0, and $500 to settle whether g_2(n) = [1+o(1)] cn/\sqrt{\log n}.


[CFG90], pp. 150-1.


combinatorial geometry

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S. Venkatasubramanian, 12 Feb. 2002.



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